About Us

Gramas is a group companies founded in 2001 out of Anaheim, California, USA. It has grown 7 different locations around the globe over the course of time with investments in construction, mining, real estate and food industry. Gramas with its 7 influential firms is regarded  as an important industrial enterprise.

Gramas hand selects all their material so you receive the finest of what man and nature has to offer. Gramas’s instuitive outlook, fresh approach and attention to detail is one of a kind. The results of our selective approach and insightful energy is geared to meet your specific needs.


Dried Apricot

WITH TEH HELP OF THE MOST SUITABLE CLIMATE CONDITIONS IN THE WORLD TURKEY PRODUCES 85% OF THE WORLD’S DRIED APRICOT EXPORT. Therefore dried apricot from Turkey is a well known commodity and a symbol of quality. Dried apricots is a product of nature, containing many of the major vitamins and minerals essential and beneficial to human body. Gramas supplies many different varieties of dried apricot: Organic, unsulphured ( sun – dried), low sulphured, and diced.

Dried Fig

Being considered sacred in all religions, dried fig is considered to be a miraculous nourishment. Dried figs of Turkey endorses many ancient myths and are produced in mystical lands of the Aegean cost. Turkey is proud to be the leading supplier with 60% of the world’s dried figs production.


Dried Mulberries

Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an important food remedy, mulberries are rich in nutrients such as Vitamins C and K, iron, calcium, and fibre. They contain a high level of antioxidants including the natural antibiotic antioxidant resveratrol.